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As a designer, I have always had my eyes out for looking into inspirations from various of sources. When we think of design craft and how we get from the abstraction to building tangible experiences, our brains connect and get inspired in different ways. Today, I wanted to share 3 nature documentaries that inspire designers or creative professionals can relate to and get inspired from. …

The original post is written on my website

Digitized version of paintings

Before pandemic, I was inspired by many things beyond internet when I was doing visual design. I try to look around and find beautiful color combinations and patterns in nature and in physical objects. I like to make mental notes when I travel a new city. I like to capture their street art, vibrant-colored buildings, local food and craft stores. Those are mainly visual notes in my brain. Sometimes they came back as they were or evolved with other while doing visual explorations. During pandemic, it has been very challenging to get…

When looking back for the last three years in my personal and professional life, it would be a hard deal to reflect on every detail of my life changing events. Changing jobs, responsibilities, marriage, moving, etc are just to name a few major steps in my life. Then pandemic happened. It was a year of reflection, anxiety, unknown, personal hardships and many other things. However, it was also a year that I have been pausing from the 8-year-old hustle and bustle since I left my home country. I lost the momentum on establishing myself, reason for being and all other…

Last month, I was invited to talk at Uretim Bandi, Turkish podcast published by Eran Filiba and Ender Ahmet Yurt. In order to learn how technology companies develop products and software in Turkey and in the world, they host Product, Engineering and Design leaders from different companies and get to know their product development processes, organizational structures and working culture.

We covered main areas of Design Leadership and its role in Product Development, Culture Building and Organizational Structure. I have reflected my experience working in hyper-growth companies and scaling design organization and products for international markets.

Main topics we covered:

Image captured from the Webinar stream

Last October, I have been invited into a webinar hosted by Šimon Kočí, with group of design leaders in the fin-tech industry to talk about the future of design in banking. It was a panel discussion type of webinar, that was revolved around three verticals: Design process and building successful design teams, role of design in building strong brands in banking, and scalability of banking product experience. There were more than 150 participants across the world that were highly engaged and made the webinar more fruitful with their questions along the way.


Šimon Kočí, Head of partnerships @Tapix — Moderator…

Post aggregations are taken from Harvard Business Review Turkey Blog, composition is designed by Dilara Neutze

I have been contributing to HBR Turkey blog for almost 3 years until 2017. I was actively writing about UX design and industry trends. Even though I have paused a while to pursue on different projects over the last three years, it was a very fulfilling experience. I am planning to get back to writing with new intentions this year.

Before starting new topics, I stopped and reflected back on the years I have been writing publicly. I consolidated of my first thoughts on design in Harvard Business Review blog. I am not sure how much of it would be…

Photo credit: UX Alive

Foodora design team was invited to participate at UX Alive this year, which is a regional UX conference that takes place each year in Istanbul, Turkey. Myself and our beloved Head of Product Design, Karolina Skalska were in the conference for two days. We shared our experience and knowledge and learned a lot from experts in the industry.

Day 1: Keynote Presentations

First day at UXAlive, there were various keynote speakers from Europe, Asia and Americas. Various topics were covered within the conference that intersect UX, Design Thinking and Business Strategy. …

foodora product design team exercise

We would like to say hi to you as highly diverse and constantly growing product team at foodora! We are a team of international designers with hybrid backgrounds and we work relentlessly to able to delight our users while they are exploring local tastes in the area.

What is foodora?

Foodora is an online food delivery service that brings you the best local tastes in your area. You can discover, select and order food from us and our beloved riders will delivered to your door.

This March, 2016, I wrote an article on Harvard Business Review Turkey about the strong relationship between User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX). Finally, I had the chance to translate it to English.

Image taken from

“Lets think of a scenario. A customer looks up an e-commerce website to buy a pair of shoes. She seamlessly finds the style and color of the item she wants. She adds the item to her cart and makes the payment with one click. So far so good. What if, the package isn’t delivered on time? What if she cannot get enough customer support if she…

I am so excited to start contributing Harvard Business Review Türkiye blog with User Experience Design content. I wrote my first article about why business professionals should care about user experience design more than ever.

The original article is in Turkish and I wanted to translate it to English to reach wider audience.

" When was the last time you’ve been to a retail store? Why did you pick that particular store? What did you feel when you stepped in? Was the store manager helpful enough? Were you able to find a particular outfit or size easily Or did you…

Dilara Neutze

Nomad Designer. Loves the challenge of enabling convenience with design. Ex-New Yorker, currently in Berlin.

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